E NENG MARKETING SDN BHD was established in year 2005, providing high quality metalwork for use in buildings and interior design. We are fully equipped with a comprehensive range of tools, plant and machinery, as well as highly experienced and qualified technical personnel to complete projects in a prompt, effective and efficient manner to ensure high quality standard works.

E NENG MARKETING SDN BHD is not only able to deliver big orders in a short timeframe with competitive pricing. We can also accept custom made orders for a very reasonable price.


Not to mention,  E NENG MARKETING SDN BHD aggressively taking up projects to build mega structure for factories and warehouses where they would utilize industry and commercial mega steel structure to erect all their steel structure buildings for their clients. Last, but not least, the professional and experienced technical engineers are able to construct lofts or mezzanine floors with detail engineering structure for indoor high ceiling buildings.